Your mobile maintenance and service assistant for heat treatment plants.

Manufacturer’s know-how meets Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


#jakob – Join all knowledge of (your) business

Object recognition

  #jakob uses modern technology for object recognition and is specialized in spare and wear parts recognition.

Spare parts

  #jakob knows your furnace and all its spare and wear parts. #jakob is connected to parts information, so acquisition is easy.

Maintenance and Service

  #jakob is the perfect assistant for supporting your team in the maintenance and servicing of the furnace.

Condition Monitoring

 Connected to the sensor system, #jakob has access to all information about the state of your furnace - and thus, your technicians do too!

Predictive Maintenance

  Based on a stage model, #jakob can make a prognosis on the remaining service life of critical components.

Data protection

#jakob is a cloud solution. All servers are located in Germany or Austria. Your data is safe with us!

WHAT IS #jakob\einfach.sicher?



1) #jakob 360

The goal is to create an overarching, mobile assistance system, #jakob\einfach.sicher. For the maintenance and service departments of different production plants. The assistance system will be used for selected plants in the heat treatment industry as a first step, and after successful implementation, it will be rolled out for more production plants.


  • Quick overview of all maintenance activities  
  • Smart documentation of maintenance by use of image and sound

  • Compact maintenance history

The maintenance staff receive all relevant data and settings of the relevant parts and components at the tap of a screen.  

#jakob will answer the following questions in no time: 
When will a unit receive maintenance? When was the most recent maintenance carried out? In which state was this component during the most recent maintenance? Where is cleaning and greasing required? This means that maintenance staff have the answers available right from the start, directly available at the plant.

Any maintenance tasks required over the course of the year, as well as the annual maintenance, are filed as checklists. Maintenance documentation has never been easier - instant feedback after the respective work, directly at the plant.Critical components are documented with photos and status evaluation on top of the regular documentation.

Open activities are displayed directly and clearly and can thus easily be processed.


The basic function “Digital Furnace Notebook” lets you attach digital notes to any available part within the plant structure (incl. photo). This way, all important information is available to all users, quickly and permanently. The sum of all notes will create a digital machine book. Every piece of information is exactly where it is needed. Incorrect adjustments or misinformation due to untraceable information are thus a thing of the past.


  • Quick overview of all maintenance activities   
  • Smart documentation of the maintenance by use of image and sound    
  • Compact maintenance history

The permanent monitoring of critical areas of the plant is to prevent unplanned downtimes. For this purpose, the Aichelin plant is analyzed and critical sub-assemblies are identified. 

These sub-assemblies are monitored, where possible with existing sensor systems, and where necessary with new ones. 

You will have a condition monitoring system (CM system) specially designed for heat treatment plants, directly at your plant. The CM system and its anomaly detection runs parallel to your production plant and does not require production downtime to be installed and commissioned.You will have a full-fledged CM system with a specially designed anomaly detection directly at your facility, and it runs locally. The system will notify you in case of changes to the functional interactions of critical sub-assemblies, thus enabling an early detection of potential downtimes of the plant


  • Long-term prognosis tool for critical components 
  • Mathematical modelling made easy by simple presentation in the App

This module is a combination of the modules “CM” and “Maintenance” and will be enhanced with yet another function - namely prediction of critical components. This concentration of functions guarantees full safety for your plant.

 The “CM” module helps you detect short-time changes, and to counter them accordingly to avoid unplanned downtimes.

The “Maintenance” module provides essential safety between annual maintenance dates and supports you in maintaining the everyday operation of the plant, thus covering the mid-term perspective. 

Yet another perspective is added exclusively for this module, namely the long-term perspective, which is based on a degradation model of the individual critical components. Based on this individual degradation model, and depending on the influencing factors of your plant, a prognosis on remaining service life can be made, which provides planning security and a basis for predictive maintenance. 

There are different Add-Ons available for the App, which you can order individually with your module.



  • Representation of a plant in full detail    
  • Enables a more accurate location of all information

Our digital twin was not only reviewed in terms of how much sense the incorporated parts make, but it was also based on a logical structure.

This structure allows the user, for the first time, to navigate the plant directly and within the complete depth of the parts hierarchy, as well as to use this hierarchy in a practical way. This way, an individual part can be found thanks to the logical functional interaction.

The Parts Advanced package has already enabled the use of image recognition for the identification of many components and equipment identification, which allow for incredibly fast and native navigation, despite the large number of components. Within only a few seconds, you’ll have found the part you were looking for. This is enabled by the direct connection to our unique neuronal network and the integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence); it takes parts search to a completely new level of efficiency and simplicity.



  • Thousands of pages of data and information in one App              
  • Available anywhere, anytime       

Simple, fast, and safe 

The use of a classic search slot can simply be added to this module; with it you can search for parts by name.


  • AI supports article and components identifications via photo function.      
  • Use equipment identification (BMKZ) for easy navigation and identification

Aside from the familiar image recognition function from the Parts Advanced Add-On, which is subject to typical Aichelin parts, you can also teach the program to recognize more parts via image recognition, which makes it totally easy to jump to the right part.

For Aichelin plants built before 2002 and for third-party plants, not all modules are available. If you need further information, please contact us and we will be happy to look into your individual issue.


Who is #Jakob?

#jakob is a development partnership between AICHELIN, Humai, an IT specialist for AI-based data processing, and Fraunhofer Austria (FhA).

Why the name?

Why this name? Well, jakob is a synonym for “the protector”. Jakob basically holds a protecting umbrella over your plant. Jakob: join all knowledge of your business. Moreover, jakob is also a reference to our founder, jakob Aichelin, at our company’s 150th anniversary.
#jakob – Join all knowledge of (your) business

Which products will be offered by #jakob in the future?

Assistance systems for the maintenance of furnace plants, regardless of the manufacturer. A modular, mobile assistance system for maintenance, with currently four functions: maintenance, condition monitoring, optimization of spare parts process, and predictive maintenance.

How is #jakob different from competition?

#jakob, unlike other systems, is a full-fledged, mobile assistance system that's easy to operate and which provides simple access to maintenance tasks via visual parts recognition.

Maintenance staff no longer depend on an external service technician and can thus solve problems on their own. Condition Monitoring (even for components for which there are no Condition Monitoring Systems). Cross-sectoral service life comparisons for critical components.

My plant is already X years old. Can I still use #jakob?

#jakob\einfach.sicher is a solution for new as well as for old plants. Depending on the year of manufacture, there are more or fewer modules available, due to an economic point of view. The newer your plant, the more modules are available for the full scope of assistance. The condition sensors are processed by a special PLC in the retrofit version and have no repercussions for plant control. The evaluation is carried out either via the existing FOCOS or the retrofit “FOCOS light”. 

#jakob is simple and safe, even for retrofits!

How much will #jakob cost? 

#jakob has a modular design. Each module has its own use, depending on your requirement. The aim is that anyone who has a problem and requires support with their plant can get individual help in the form of different possible modules. The costs of the modules depend on the year of manufacture and the type of plant.    Numerous conversations with Aichelin customers and partners have made for a number of absolutely tangible and essential benefits that come with the use of #jakob. Naturally, numbers will differ from one operator to the other. But the basic approaches and advantages are represented in all customer segments.


  • Costs for unplanned downtimes amount to up to EUR 600,000 per plant per year.
  • Identification and ordering of spare parts takes 150 - 300 h/a on average per year.
  • 70% more efficiency in maintenance planning due to improved data availability.
  • 90% more safety when it comes to production planning due to condition-dependent maintenance planning.

Are you interested in #jakob and would like to become a part of this success story? Contact us and we can make an appointment for a personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!