Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of our plants is close to our heart. 

AICHELIN plants are equipped with the latest available, future-oriented, energy- and consumption-optimized solutions. We consequently continue this path.

We support you with our long-term experience in the planning of new plants and optimization of existing plants. The thereby realizable savings regarding energy and media consumption achieve a noticeable cost reduction. Additionally, you assure a sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource-saving production.

Increase the energy efficiency of your plant

The chart above shows you where your plant has the potential to increase energy efficiency, for example, through these measures:

Plant-external heat recovery

  • Utilization of the thermal energy of the burner exhaust gases for the external consumer (e.g. for building heating) 

Intelligent inlet and outlet technology

  • Is already standard in AICHELIN plants. 
  • By injecting the charge from below with its own inlet lock, disturbances of the process gas atmosphere are minimized.
  • Improved metallurgical treatment with reduced process gas consumption

In-process heat recovery I

  •  Heating of the wash emulsion by waste heat recovery from oil bath cooling or burner exhaust gases.
  • The savings potential for cleaning plants is up to 70 % - with continuous production.

In-process heat recovery II

  • Waste heat utilization of the oil bath for drying Immersion oil bath
  • Endogas consumption is further reduced by immersion oil baths.

Optimized wall insulation

  • High-quality insulation materials, such as microporous insulation materials, enable a reduction in energy losses through lower surface temperatures.
  • This makes it possible to reduce wall losses by up to 20%.

State-of-the-art burner technology

  • Recuperative burners of the latest generation enable energy losses to be reduced by lowering the exhaust gas temperature. This measure is already standard in new AICHELIN plants.
  • Natural gas savings: up to 30 % (compared to cold air burners), with low emission values.

AICHELIN Services to Increase Energy Efficiency

In our downloads section you will find an overview of all services for optimizing your AICHELIN and third-party plants. 

We offer comprehensive consulting and services for modernization and retrofitting. If you want to specifically optimize the energy efficiency of your systems, we can support you with the "AICHELIN Green Check", among other things. You can find more information in the Green Check flyer:

Green Check: Energy efficiency + CO2 reduction (PDF | 622.08 KB | eng-US )

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