Focos 4.0

Measuring, control, regulation, visualization and documentation (i.e. heat treatment documentation) - these are all the essential tasks of the automatization system of a heat treatment plant. AICHELIN controls are structured hierarchically and ensure high availability, flexibility, and safety. 


The automatization of an AICHELIN plant has a modular design and can be complemented with the FOCOS process control system depending on the customer's wishes. Important safety equipment is wired and executed in a redundant mode.

With FOCOS 4.0 you’ll have more time for important things

The software for more details, easy evaluation, reliable documentation, and perfect analysis. All your advantages at a glance 

  • Simple evaluation of your production (including “offline workplaces”).
  • Reliable and forgery-proof documentation.

  • Perfect analysis functions - even for your maintenance.

  • Connectivity options for data migration and transfer to your existing production facilities.

  • Can be linked to existing FOCOS systems - considerable performance enhancement with minimum effort.

  • Manifold expansion possibilities to adapt to future requirements