March 21, 2022

AICHELIN Service is successfully recertified according to ISO 9001

From February 21-23, 2022, we have again undergone and successfully passed an audit for recertification according to ISO 9001. We are very pleased about the confirmation of the performance of our quality management system in the field of "services for thermoprocessing equipment and its peripherals (service - spare parts - upgrades - training)".

The auditing was carried out by the external institute Buereau Veritas Austria GmbH based in Vienna. During an audit, all value-adding business processes are generally reviewed, documenting which processes meet the standard or whether there are any deviations that need to be rectified. Specific potential for improvement or a need for adjustment with regard to future compliance with the standard is also identified. The persons responsible for the individual processes from the specialist departments are involved in the audits. A total of 12 employees were involved in this year's recertification and thus contributed to its success.

Vorschaubild zu ASG-Zertifikat ISO 9001

We are particularly pleased that the auditors explicitly emphasize our strengths in their audit report: The auditors consider the cross-site project for the introduction of a Europe-wide service organization (PESO) to be very valuable and important for the strategic further development of AICHELIN Service. According to the audit experts, it is also very positive that the training measures at the Ludwigsburg site are so intensively pursued. The set target of an average of 2 training days per employee and year was clearly exceeded with 3.2 days. According to the auditors, this is remarkable, especially in connection with the ongoing pandemic situation and the resulting more difficult training conditions.

As part of the continuous improvement process, annual internal audits will take place until the next recertification. During these audits, AICHELIN service colleagues from other departments audit the processes.

About ISO 9001

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used and important standards internationally. It is of great importance across all industries, and certification is required above all by suppliers to the automotive and supplier industries. With the certificate we prove that we not only meet the requirements of the standard, but that we also fulfill the quality and performance criteria of our customers with high reliability and continuously improve our processes. 


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